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Gospel Invitations
Gospel Invitations / Lord's Supper & Collection Talks

Gospel Invitations, Lord's Supper and Collection TalksThese short Bible teaching articles are useful for invitation talks to encourage obedience to the gospel or to prepare for the Lord's Supper or the Collection.

These gospel articles may be used as short talks or admonitions to encourage faith in Christ, conversion, and obedience to God. This Bible teaching may help people see the need to repent and correct their lives. They also should encourage Christians to remain faithful.

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All articles written by David E. Pratte

Gospel Invitations

Ashamed to Repent but Not to Sin
Astronauts and Faith in God
Automatic Windshield Wipers
The Boy or the Cap: Priorities/Gratitude
Compromise: Lessons from the Boy Scouts
Counting the Cost
Ears to Hear (Importance of Hearing)
Faith of Demons
Family History Spiritual Lessons
God's Plan in His way and time
Greatness of Famous Men
Judgment Seats
Lessons from Sergius Paulus
Manhood: What Does It Mean?
Mass Shootings: Family and Faith Causes
Moral Decline and the Faith of Abraham
Mosquitos: Why Did God Make Them?
Obedience: House Built on a Rock
Only If You Dig - Effort in Salvation
Persecution, Media, Evolution, Dawkins
Pride Goes Before a Fall
Prophecy and Glacier National Park
Snow: Bible Lessons from Snowflakes
Stars: Christians Shine to Honor God
Washington's Farewell Speech
What Kind of Church Is This?
Work Hard, Work Smart, Work Together

These gospel talks may be used before the Lord's supper to help those who participate consider its meaning and purpose. They encourage meditation on the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ and related topics.

Lord's Supper Talks

Baptism and the Lord's Supper
Breaking Bread
Blood Better than Abel's
Drawing Power of the Cross
The Cup: Container or Contents?
Lord's Table
Good Shepherd and the Lord's Supper
Jesus Died Alone on the Cross
Jesus Died Voluntarily
Jesus as High Priest
Jesus Innocence Confirmed
Lord's Supper: a Communion
"They Know Not What They Do"
Lord's Supper - Importance of Jesus' Body
Lord's Supper - Importance of Jesus' Blood
Lord's Supper - Meaning of the Term
Lord's Supper: Meaning of Remembering
Passover and Lord's Supper Language
Promise to Abraham and Jesus' Death
Prophecies Fulfilled in the Lord's Death
Redemption and the Blood of Jesus
Return of Jesus and the Lord's Supper
Scarlet Sins Made White as Snow
A Universal Memorial: the Lord's Supper
Unleavened Bread in the Lord's Supper

The following articles provide gospel teaching about the importance of giving generously with a willing attitude in supporting the work of local church. They may be useful for encouraging members before taking the collection.

Collection Talks

The Foolish Farmer: Covetousness
Giving according to Ability
Giving: More Blessed than Receiving
Giving and Fellowship (Sharing)
Giving and the First Day of the Week
Giving as Part of Daily Life
Giving Liberally and Generously
Giving: More Blessed than Receiving
Giving and Good Works
Giving an Expression of Love
Giving as Purposed in Heart
Giving Regularly - First Day of the Week
Giving: Reaping as We Sow
Giving as a Sacrifice
Giving and Stewardship
Giving for the Tabernacle
Giving Willingly, Not Reluctantly
God the Father an Example of Giving
Lessons from Ananias and Sapphira
Proper Attitudes toward Possessions
Sharing Our Material Blessings

Note carefully: No teaching anywhere on this web site is intended or should ever be construed to justify or to in any way incite or encourage personal vengeance or physical violence against any person.

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