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2000-Year-Old Seeds and the Bible

The Bible is like seed that reproduces after its own kind.Some people believe the Bible is not relevant today because it was written 2000 years ago. Others think we need to trace a history of religious organizations through the centuries to find the right church. What can seeds teach us about the power of Scripture?

An article states:
“Hundreds of seeds were found at an archaeological site in the Judean desert. The seeds were found to be older than the Dead Sea Scrolls – 2,000 years old. Experts … were able to grow six date palms … The seeds were … uncovered in caves and in an ancient palace built by King Herod the Great in the 1st century BC.” *

What can we learn?

The Power of Life Is in the Seed.

Genesis 1:11,12 – Plants grow by seed, but the power of life was placed in the seed by God.

1 Peter 1:22-25 – In the spiritual realm, as in the physical realm, new spiritual life is begotten by seed. The seed is God’s word, the gospel.

Romans 1:16 – The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. It has the power, when preached to receptive hearts, to take root and motivate people to become Christians that produce the fruit of faithful service to God.

Just as a plant is produced by means of seed, so a Christian is produced by the seed of God’s word. There is no substitute. The power is in the seed, and the seed is from God.

(Matthew 13:18-23; Luke 8:11)

Seed Reproduces after Its Own Kind.

Genesis 1:11,12 – God created the plants to produce seed “after their kind.” The only way to produce a corn plant is to use seed that came from a corn plant. No other seed will do.

Galatians 6:7 – “Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”

Just as with physical plants, so in the spiritual realm, seed reproduces after its kind. If we want people to be true Christians, we must plant the gospel without mixing it with human doctrines. Human doctrines make man-made churches and man-made forms of worship. To please God, we must plant only the pure seed of His word.

(Matthew 15:13,9)

Reproduction by Seed Works Anytime, Anywhere.

2000-year-old seed will still produce the same kind of plant it did 2000 years ago. As long as the seed is alive and is planted in good conditions, it will produce the same kind of plant from which it came. This will work no matter when or where the seed is planted.

1 Peter 1:22-25 – Reproduction by the seed of the gospel also works anytime because the seed will “live and abide forever.”

Matthew 28:19,20 – So, the gospel should be preached to all nations.

Some people think the gospel cannot save souls and change lives today because it is just a book written 2ooo years ago thousands of miles away.

Others think we need to trace our history through churches or church leaders to the first century to know we are the true church.

But the power God placed in the seed will work anytime, anyplace. God’s people and God’s church can be produced whenever and wherever people obey God’s true word, even if no other Christians or congregations have existed for generations anywhere nearby.

The seed has the power to make anyone a child of God anytime anyone chooses to obey the true seed of God’s word. The choice is up to each individual.

What choice have you made? Have you become a child of God, born again by the power of the gospel? Are you living in your life the good works that will lead to eternal life?

(Hebrews 4:12)


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