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Christian Bible study articles and topics: Free online syndicated studies and resources about religion, salvation, Christianity, and the gospel of Jesus Christ
Free Bible Study Articles: Bible Answers to Questions

Bible teaching that answers your questions about religion and the gospel of Jesus Christ

Free Bible study articles: answers to relevant questions about religion and the gospel of Jesus ChristThese free Bible study articles are brief topical studies based entirely on Scripture and are intended to answer questions and guide you to a deeper knowledge of topics regarding religion and the gospel of Jesus.

Answers to questions about religion, salvation and forgiveness of sin, the family and marriage, the church and worship of God, creation and evolution, the Godhead, morality, miracles, denominations, Jesus' second coming, and other Christian teaching. 

Written by David E. Pratte

Permission is granted to use these copyrighted articles according to the conditions stated at the end of each article.

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Studies about Man and His Future

Death: What Is It?
Destiny of the Righteous
Examine Yourself: Is Your Life Acceptable to God?
Israel and Jesus' Second Coming
Judgment Day: Are You Ready?
Life after Death?
Man in the Image of God
Punishment of the Wicked
Reincarnation and the Bible
State of Man between Death & Judgment
Superiority of Man over Animals
When Will Jesus Return?

Studies about God, His Power, and His Works

Creation vs. Evolution
What Claims Did Jesus Make?
Consequences of Evolution
Creation vs. Evolution: Bible summary
Probability of Evolution vs. Creation
Days of Creation: A Brief Summary
Dinosaurs, Creation, & the Flood
The Existence of God
Gift of the Holy Spirit
The Greatness of God
Holy Spirit Baptism and Water Baptism
How Many Individuals Are in God?
Is God the Author of Evil?
Jesus: the Divine Son of God?
Jesus & the Power to Forgive Sins
Miracles & Supernatural Healing Today?
Tongue-Speaking & the Pentecostal Experience
Resurrection of Jesus - Evidence

Miscellaneous Subjects

Astrology and Horoscopes
Cain's Wife - Where Did He Get Her?
Discussing Religious Differences
Holy Spirit as Earnest/Seal
Jesus as the One Foundation - 1 Cor 3
Mary: Should We Pray & Bow to Her?
Mormonism: Revelations from God?
Peter the First Pope?
Satisfactory Religion: What Is It?
Speaking to the Dead, Mediums
Transfiguration of Jesus

Note carefully: No teaching anywhere on this web site should ever be construed to justify or to in any way encourage personal vengeance or physical violence or harm against any person.

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