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Christian Bible study articles and topics: Free online syndicated studies and resources about religion, salvation, Christianity, and the gospel of Jesus Christ
Free Bible Study Articles: Bible Answers to Questions

Bible teaching that answers your questions about religion and the gospel of Jesus Christ; Written by David E. Pratte

Free Bible study articles: answers to relevant questions about religion and the gospel of Jesus ChristThese free Bible study articles are brief topical studies based entirely on Scripture and are intended to answer questions and guide you to a deeper knowledge of topics regarding religion and the gospel of Jesus.

Answers to questions about religion, salvation and forgiveness of sin, the family and marriage, the church and worship of God, creation and evolution, the Godhead, morality, miracles, denominations, Jesus' second coming, and other Christian teaching. 

These articles are copyrighted but are syndicated so you may use them according to the conditions stated at the end of each article.
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Studies about the Bible

The Apocrypha & Canon of Scripture
Authority - Importance
Creed Books Written by Men
Direct Revelation & Prophecy Today
Family Religion: Accepting Parents' Beliefs
Feelings as Assurance of Salvation
How to Study the Bible Properly
Ignorance in Religion 
The Importance of Truth in Religion
The Inspiration of Scripture
Inspiration: Verbal and Inerrant
Is All Religion Acceptable?
Loving the Truth
How Important Is Bible Study?
Does It Matter What We Believe?
Majority Rule in Religion?
Narrow-Minded in Religion?
Number Discrepancies in History
Preservation of the Bible
Sabbath Law: Did Jesus Violate It?
The Silence of Scripture
Are Sincerity and Good Conscience Enough?
Can We Understand the Bible Alike?
You Can Understand the Bible
Why People Misunderstand the Bible
Wisdom: from God or Man?

Studies about the Family

The Joys of Motherhood
Proper Goals of Parents 
Feminism, Women's Lib, True Freedom
Hating Relatives & Forsaking Possessions
Husband's Authority in the Home
Marriage Definition and Sexual Morality
Planned Parenthood and Sex Education
Schools, Education, and Children's Faith
Sex Education in the Public Schools
Spanking & Corporal Punishment
Values Clarification / Humanism in Schools
Young People, Divorce, & Remarriage

Note carefully: No teaching anywhere on this web site is intended or should ever be construed to justify or to in any way incite or encourage personal vengeance or physical violence against any person. 

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