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Astrology, Horoscopes, and the Zodiac: The Bible Teaching

Astrology, Horoscopes, and the Zodiac: The Bible TeachingAstrology is becoming increasingly popular in America. Millions of people read their horoscopes daily to learn what the future holds according to the Zodiac. But how reliable is astrology?

Astrology originated as a form of Babylonian idolatry. Jeremiah 10:2 says: “Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven…” So God´s people should not respect the “signs of heaven,” which are the very basis for astrology. Nor should we learn to participate in practices that God calls “heathen.”

Again, Deuteronomy 18:10,14 expressly forbids “divination.” To “divine” simply means to predict the future by using occult methods, one of which is astrology. So people should not practice astrology, nor should we take seriously the predictions of those who do practice it.

But why is God so opposed to astrology? In Isaiah 41:23, God claims that He alone is God because He alone can predict the future. He challenges the false gods saying: “Show the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that you are gods…” Notice that no one but God can predict the future. So if we believe that the stars can predict the future, we are saying that the stars are gods! We give to the stars the glory that rightfully belongs only to God (Isaiah 42:8,9; Daniel 27,28). So whether we realize it or not, even modern astrology is a form of idolatry.

The sun, moon, and stars are dead, unintelligent objects. They can no more predict the future than a rock can, and they can no more advise you how to live your life than a tree stump can. But there is an all-wise God who created the heavenly bodies, who can predict the future, and who can tell you how best to live your life. His will is revealed, not in the stars, but in the Bible.

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