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Creation vs. Evolution: Do Evolution and Bible Harmonize?

A Brief Summary of Evidence

Bible Creation vs. Evolution: A SummaryMany scientists claim that all living things - plants, animals, and man - began by process of evolution over billions of years. This view is defended by many atheists, agnostics, humanists, and skeptics. 

The Bible teaches that God created the Universe in six days, yet Theistic evolution claims the two views do not necessarily contradict. Can the evolutionary theory of origins be harmonized with Scripture? What consequences does evolution have to the faith of a Christian?

Note: We accept the Bible, even when it contradicts unproved "scientific" hypotheses, because of the evidence that the Bible is true. These proofs include eyewitness testimony of miracles, fulfilled prophecy, and Jesus' resurrection. For a discussion of these evidences, see the articles listed in the links at the end of this study. The following points prove that evolution can never be harmonized with the Bible.

* Evolution says the universe came into existence by natural processes. The Bible says God created all and was specifically involved in each step of the creative process.

* Evolution says the universe as we know it took billions of years to evolve. The Bible says all was organized in six days

* Evolution says the first life form began from non-living matter by accident. The Bible says life came from the living God.

* Evolution says all current kinds of living things came from previous different kinds, all the way back to one (or a few) original life form(s). The Bible says all basic kinds of living things were created at the beginning by God and that each reproduces after its kind.

* Evolution says man is just an advanced animal. The Bible says man is in the image of God, unique from the animals, and above them by a great gap.

* Evolution says man evolved from previously existing animals. The Bible says God formed man from the dust of the ground and directly instilled life into him.

* Evolution says woman evolved from previously existing animals. The Bible says God formed woman from the side of the man.

* Evolutionary belief in the gradual development of new kinds of life would make it impossible to determine who was the first man and woman. The Bible clearly identifies Adam and Eve as the first man and woman, having no earthly ancestors (man or animal).

* The Bible describes the first man and woman and their children as being capable of speech, capable of understanding and obeying instructions, able to reason and explain their reasoning, possessing a conscience and a sense of guilt, etc. If evolution were true, these qualities should have gradually developed, beginning with cave men. But the Bible says the first man and woman were fully developed like people today.

* Evolution says man is wholly material like the animals from which he evolved. This implies that man, like the animals, has no life after death. The Bible says man will continue to exist in eternity.

* Evolution says that death was occurring throughout man's development and was a necessary part of the process. The Bible says there was no death (surely not among men) until after people were fully developed and committed sin.

* Evolution implies new kinds of living things are (or could be) still developing. The Bible says creation ceased after 6 days.

* Evolution says man is the pinnacle of evolution, but may still be evolving. The Bible says man is fallen from his original exalted state.

* Evolution implies there is no real purpose in life, but life just exists as a result of a series of accidents in nature. The Bible says man was deliberately and purposefully created by God to serve Him and receive His blessings.

* Evolution implies man is the greatest being in existence and so must follow his own wisdom in deciding right from wrong. The Bible says man is subject to this Creator and is unable, by himself, to determine right from wrong adequately. Man must depend on His all-wise Creator to reveal the standard of morality.

* Evolution says, as man continues to evolve, he will develop for himself new ways to solve his own problems. The Bible says man is inadequate to solve his own problems, but must turn to a Savior, Jesus Christ, receive His forgiveness and follow His will.

For a more detailed study of this subject, see the links below.

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