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What Are the Consequences of Evolution?

What Are the Consequences of Evolution?The modern theory of evolution has had far greater spiritual consequences than many people realize. Evolution teaches that, ever since life began, natural forces have led to the development of progressively better and better life forms -- hence, continual improvement. What does the Bible teach?

Consider the Bible doctrine of the fall of man. The Bible insists that man was created pure and innocent, but the first man and woman sinned, and since that time all men except Jesus have also sinned (Genesis 3; Romans 3:23). So man is a fallen creature. He was created good but became evil. This is just the opposite of evolution, which teaches that man is constantly improving -- that we are better now than we have ever been!

Now consider the Bible doctrine of salvation from sin. Because men are sinners, we alone can never overcome the consequences of our sins. So God sent His own Son to die as a sacrifice to forgive us (John 3:16). But if evolution is true, all of this was unnecessary. If man is constantly progressing, if we just wait long enough we could evolve our own savior! A founder of Canada's United Church is reported to have said: "It is possible through evolution for the human race to produce a greater man than Jesus Christ."

In fact, human improvement by evolution is a fundamental doctrine of both Nazism and Communism. They teach that man will progressively improve till we reach the state of Utopia on earth. To help us along the way, both Nazis and Communists practice "survival of the fittest" -- they murder millions of people whom they consider to be "unfit"!

Evolution and the Bible are unalterably contradictory. They can never be harmonized.

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