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Bible Study Tracts Presenting the Gospel of Christ

Bible Study Literature: Booklets, Tracts, Class Material|Pratte Publications|Light to My PathEffective study guides to introduce others to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

These tracts contain more teaching than most other tracts.
They measure 8.5" x 3.5", yet fit in standard tract racks. Retail $.45 each.
All tracts written by David E. Pratte.

To read examples of the contents of a tract, click on any title below that is highlighted as a link. Use your "back" button to return to this page.

Here is a list of titles available:

Bible study tracts from Light to My Path Publications

Are You Really "Born Again"?
A Brief Study of Abortion
Children's Liberation Movement
Denominationalism: What Does God Think of  It?
Gambling - Is It Moral?
Giving to Finance Church Work
God Helps You with Your Troubles
Homosexuality: Alternate Lifestyle or Immorality?
How to Change Yourself
Is Conscience a Safe Guide in Religion?
Is One Interpretation as Good as Another?
Is Your Religion Satisfactory?
Judging Righteous Judgment
Judgment Day: Are You Ready?
Let Us Return to the Lord(for erring members)
Parent Training Courses Examined
Sinners & Hypocrites in the Church
Religious Confusion and Disagreement
Religious Emotional Experiences
Should Alien Sinners Pray for Forgiveness?
Undenominational Forgiveness (etc.)
The Unique, Uncommon, Unequaled Church
Watch Your Language!
Why a Christian Should Marry a Christian
Why Attend Church Assemblies?
Why Johnny Is Losing His Faith (Humanism)
Why We Need Forgiveness
Will All Devout Moral People Be Saved?
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