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Bible Study Topical Booklets: Classes or Private Studies

Bible Study Literature: Booklets, Tracts, Class Material|Pratte Publications|Light to My PathBooklets suitable for Bible class material, home or family studies, personal study guide, sermons, distribution to non-members, or new convert classes. Retail price: $.90.

All materials by David E. Pratte

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Bible study booklets from Light to My Path Publications (David Pratte): topical study guides for classes, personal study guide booklet, or class teaching.

Church Organization & Work
Evolution vs. Creation in High School Texts

Glory of Mary (Catholic view of Mary reviewed)

Gospel Preachers: Their Work, Selection, & Support

Old Testament Laws: Must People Keep Them Today?

Salvation by "Faith Only" vs. Obedient Faith

Smoking: Should a Follower of Jesus Have the Habit?

Should Babies Be Baptized?

Was Peter the First Pope?

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