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Booklets & Tracts through which God's word shines

Published by Pratte-Brailey Publications
316 North St., Utica, OH 43080

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Bible-Centered Tracts
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005 Are You Really "Born Again"? $.45
010 A Brief Study of Abortion $.45
015 Children's Liberation Movement $.45
020 Denominationalism - What Does God Think of It? $.45
025 Gambling - Is It Moral? $.45
030 Giving to Finance Church Work $.45
035 God Helps You with Your Troubles $.45
040 Homosexuality: Alternate Lifestyle or Immorality? $.45
045 How to Change Yourself $.45
050 Is Conscience a Safe Guide in Religion? $.45
055 Is One Interpretation as Good as Another? $.45
060 Is Your Religion Satisfactory? $.45
065 Judging Righteous Judgment $.45
070 Judgment Day: Are You Ready? $.45
075 Let Us Return to the Lord (for erring members) $.45
080 Parent Training Courses Examined $.45
085 Religious Confusion and Disagreement $.45
090 Religious Emotional Experiences $.45
095 Should Alien Sinners Pray for Forgiveness? $.45
100 Sinners & Hypocrites in the Church $.45
105 Undenominational Forgiveness (etc.) $.45
110 The Unique, Uncommon, Unequaled Church $.45
115 Watch Your Language! $.45
120 Why a Christian Should Marry a Christian $.45
125 Why Attend Church Assemblies? $.45
130 Why Johnny Is Losing His Faith (Humanism) $.45
135 Why We Need Forgiveness $.45
140 Will All Devout Moral People Be Saved? $.45

Bible Topic Booklets
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Price each Quantity
150 Church Organization & Work $.90
155 Evolution vs. Creation in High School Texts $.90
160 Glory of Mary (a review of the Catholic view of Mary) $.90
165 Gospel Preachers: Their Work, Selection, & Support $.90
175 Old Testament Laws: Must People Keep Them Today? $.90
180 Salvation by "Faith Only" vs. Obedient Faith $.90
185 Smoking: Should a Follower of Jesus Have the Habit? $.90
190 Should Babies Be Baptized? $.90
195 Was Peter the First Pope? $.90

Special Booklets
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Price each Quantity
210 Abortion: What Does the Bible Teach? (sale price/poor printing) $.90
215 Assignments on Abortion $.90
220 Sex Education in the Public Schools (sale price/poor printing) $1.00
225 Instrumental Music in Worship $1.75
230 The Women's Liberation Movement $1.50

Charts on Bible Subjects
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Price each Quantity
240 Bible Charts about Abortion $3.00
245 Charts for Home Bible Studies $3.00
250 Charts on Sponsoring Churches and Church Support of Orphan Institutions $6.00

The Home Bible Study Series
(Click here for description)



Price each Quantity
270 Why Should You Believe in God, Jesus, & the Bible? $.70
271 Is Jesus Really Your Lord? (obedience to Bible authority) $.70
272 How Can You Be Sure Jesus Has Forgiven Your Sins? $.70
273 Where Can You Find Jesus' Church? $.70

Bible Study Workbooks
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Topical Studies



Price each Quantity
350 Attending Church Meetings $1.25
355 Doctrines of Men vs. the Word of God $1.25
365 How to Study the Bible $1.25
370 Human Relationships (family, business, etc.) $1.25
375 Purity in Everyday Life (Moral issues) $1.25
380 Responsibilities in the Local Church $1.25
385 "Teach Us to Pray" (a study of prayer) $1.25

Textual Studies



Price each Quantity
425 Bible Study Questions on John's Gospel $1.75
426 Bible Study Questions on Acts $1.75
428 Bible Study Questions on 1 Corinthians $1.75
429 Bible Study Questions on 2 Corinthians $1.75
435 Bible Study Questions on Hebrews $1.75
436 Bible Study Questions on James - Jude $1.75

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Prices effective July 11, 2022. All prices subject to change without notice.

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