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Special Bible Study Booklets

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Abortion: What Does the Bible Teach?

A thorough study of Bible texts about abortion, discussing in depth the humanity of the unborn. Answers defenses of abortion. Suitable for classes or personal study. 24 page booklet. 
Retail price: $1.75; Special sale price (due to poor printing): $.90
To read an excerpt from this booklet, click here to read "The Bible and Abortion."

Assignments on Abortion
(Workbook to accompany the above booklet) - Retail $.90 

(Click here to order charts to accompany this material.)

Sex Education in the Public Schools

Detailed documentation showing what sex ed is really about. Describes how sex education typically discusses abortion, homosexuality, premarital relations, divorce, contraception, etc., then compares this to Bible teaching and Christian moral standards. 32 page booklet.
Retail price: $2.00; Special sale price (due to poor printing): $1.00

The Women's Liberation Movement

Eye-opening feminist quotes compared to Scripture. Documents the real goals of feminist leaders regarding religion, abortion, homosexuality, divorce, and marital roles. Retail $1.50

Instrumental Music in Worship

A thorough study of the use of instrumental music as praise to God. Discusses Scriptural objections and defenses of their use. 28 page booklet, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". Retail $1.75

To read this material before ordering, click here to see our online material about Instrumental Music in Worship

Prices effective April 11, 2022. All prices subject to change without notice.

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