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Bible instruction in Christianity, the Christian religion, and doctrine. Free mp3 Bible study recordings.
Free Audio Recorded MP3 Bible Study Sermons 

Free recorded Bible messages about salvation, faith, worship, the church, morality, and Christian discipleship.

Bible Study Audio MP3 Recorded Messages: Free Sermons/RecordingsThese free MP3 Bible study sermons, messages, and recordings answer questions about what a Christian should believe about worship, faith, salvation, family relations, church, morals, and eternity. How should a Christian live as a true disciple of Jesus Christ? The sermons offer in-depth analysis of Bible subjects to help you understand true Christianity.

All studies are presented by David E. Pratte.


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Studies about Morality

Studies about God / Deity

Abortion & Bible Teaching
Drug Abuse and the Bible
Gambling according to the Bible
Living Together Without Marriage
Principles of Morality
Sexual Morality and Family Relationships
Slander and Malicious Gossip
Stealing and Kinds of Thieves
Creation: Importance of the Doctrine
Creation as a Miracle
Creation: Days or Long Ages?
Doctrine of Baptisms
Evolution vs. Creation in High School Texts
Faithfulness of God to His Promises
The Holy Spirit: Its Nature
Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
Jesus' Claims
Jesus Our Creator
Jesus our Savior
Providence and the Story of Esther
Resurrection evidence
Significance of Jesus' Resurrection

Studies about Religions

Studies about Man

Astrology, Horoscopes, & the Bible
Buddhism and the Bible
Hinduism, Reincarnation, & Karma
Humanism, Atheism, and Materialism
Islam, Muhammad, & the Qur'an
Jehovah's Witnesses & the Watchtower
Marxism - Communism
Mary: Her Glory and Honor
The Occult, Witchcraft, & Psychics
Should We Oppose Religious Error?
Unitarian Universalists
Heaven: Reward of the Righteous
Hell: Destiny of the Wicked
Jesus: Future King or Current King and Priest?
Jesus' Kingdom: Future or Present?
Jesus' Kingdom: Same as the Church?
Judgment Day & Man's Eternal Destinies

Note carefully: No teaching anywhere on this web site should ever be construed to justify or to in any way encourage personal vengeance or physical violence or harm against any person.

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