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Evolution vs. Creation in High School Science Texts

What Do Science Textbooks Teach about Origins of Man ?

A free Bible Study MP3 Audio Recorded Sermon

Evolution vs. Creation in High School Science Texts: Free MP3 Audio SermonMany scientists claim that plants, animals, and man began by evolution over billions of years. This view is defended by many atheists, agnostics, and humanists. But the Bible teaches that God created the Universe in six days. Which view is presented in high school biology textbooks? What evidence is there for evolution and for creation? What about natural selection and survival of the fittest, similarity of homologous organs, fossils and the geologic column, the Law of Biogenesis and spontaneous generation, reproduction after the same kind, interdependence of organisms, and evidence of intelligent design? 

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This free recorded Bible study was prepared and presented by David E. Pratte.

This is an two-part series:
Evolution vs. Creation in High School Texts - #1
Evolution vs. Creation in High School Texts - #2

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