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Abortion and the Bible: Pro-Life? Pro-Choice?

Abortion and the Bible: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?Abortion has become a major issue in our society. The fact that civil rulers approve an act, however, does not necessarily mean that God approves it. So what does the Bible say about abortion?

People frequently speak of abortion as ending an "unwanted pregnancy." But does a mother really have the right to consider that life within her to be "unwanted"? Titus 2:4 says that young women should learn to "love their children." Surely a mother does not destroy an innocent child whom she loves (see Romans 13:10).

Psalm 127 and 128 teach us that children are a blessing from God. Is it not ungrateful and selfish to destroy God's blessings because they are "unwanted"? So I ask, does a person have any more right, morally, to destroy a child before birth than afterward?

Someone may say, "But these passages are speaking about 'children.' Is an unborn fetus really a 'child'?" What does the Bible say? In Genesis 25:22, Rebekah conceived twins, but before they were born, the Bible calls them "children."

In Luke 1:41,44, before John the Baptist was born, he was called a "babe" in Elisabeth's womb. So God says that, before birth, the life in the mother's womb is a "child," a "babe." And according to the Bible, we should love that child and appreciate it as a blessing from God.

Why then do people speak about "unwanted pregnancies." According to statistics from those who provide abortions, the most common reason for abortion is that the baby was conceived outside marriage. Most abortions destroy innocent children so the parents may avoid the consequences of fornication!

It follows that the real solution to the abortion problem is self-control: virginity before marriage and faithfulness after marriage. Avoid conceiving outside marriage by fulfilling the sexual desire only within marriage. The Bible has the answer all along: "Flee fornication" (I Corinthians 6:18).

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