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Bible Principles for Marriage Preparation and Improvement

Preparing to Marry, Choosing a Spouse, and Improving Marriage

Bible principles for marriage improvement and preparationMany couples seek help to improve their marriages. Others seek guidance in choosing a companion to marry or preparing for marriage. What counseling can Bible principles provide about the purpose and permanence of marriage, maturity, religion, and love in the home? 

What roles should the husband and wife fulfill? What about relations, friends, in-laws, and raising children? Why should the sexual affection and the sex relationship be reserved till after the wedding and fulfilled only with ones Scriptural spouse?

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There is significant evidence that many marriages today are troubled.

Many forces in society are undermining the Biblical concept of the home.

* Divorce - Each year the number of divorces is about half the number of marriages.

* Conflict and violence - Many families quarrel continually or even become violent. Nearly 1/3 of all murders are committed between family members.

* Fornication and sexual unfaithfulness - Premarital sex and even extra-marital sex are commonly accepted.

* Rebellious and delinquent children - Many young people rebel against the moral or religious standards taught them by their parents.

* Confusion about authority and roles in the home - We are told that it is old-fashioned to believe that the husband should be the breadwinner and head of the family and that the wife should be the homemaker. Parents are led to believe that they have no right to insist that their children obey them or to use physical punishment.

It follows that a study of marriage should be valuable to everyone.

* Couples who are engaged or seriously considering marriage should appreciate guidance about how to have a good marriage and how to determine whether or not they are suited for one another.

* Individuals who are hoping to marry someday, even if they are looking for somebody, still need to consider how to prepare for marriage and how to choose a marriage partner.

* People who are already married need to consider how to improve their marriage.

* Unmarried people - even if they never plan to marry - can still profit from such a study, because all around you are married people. As Christians, you should want to try to help these people understand God's will for their homes.

The purpose of this study is to discuss a number of basic principles people should consider in order to prepare for marriage or to improve marriage.

I do not profess to know all about marriage, but I believe God understands marriage and has revealed the best plan for marriage in the Bible. And I surely do not claim to have been a perfect husband. On the contrary, I know many areas where I have failed or could have improved, and my family can probably name other areas that I am not aware of. So, the goal is to study what the Bible says about marriage, and perhaps along the way I can help you avoid some of my mistakes.

Whether we seek to prepare for marriage or to improve our marriage, here are important areas we need to consider. Simply click on each link.

I. The Role of Religion

II. The Purpose of Marriage

III. The Permanence of Marriage

IV. Maturity and Knowing One Another

V. Loving One Another

VI. Responsibility, Honesty, and Self-Control

VII. Friends and In-Laws

VIII. Roles of Husband and Wife

IX. Raising Children

X. Sexual Purity

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