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Welcome to the Family Times home page. We offer resources, articles, publications,  reviews, and other materials designed to provide helpful information for Christians who are interested in home schooling. Please feel free to browse any of the information listed here. 

Note that much of this material may be out of date. Contact local home school groups and HSLDA for up-to-date information.


Resources & Publications

Advantages of Home Schooling  
Seven Keys for Raising Godly Children
Summary of Homeschool Methods
Legal questions 
A Student's Viewpoint  
The early days   
Staying in the public schools 

Unity in the local church
Free Bible study courses
Reviews of Home-School Materials
Back Issues of Family Times
Homeschool Guide to Orchestral Music
Family Reading Booklist
HomeSchoolers e-mail list

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Our Bible study sites include Bible courses and other study materials suitable for use in home schooling. We invite you to visit and browse!

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