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Answers to Bible Questions: Free Articles & Study Topics, Syndicated

Christian Bible study articles and topics: Free online syndicated studies and resources about religion, salvation, Christianity, and the gospel of Jesus Christ
Free Bible study articles: answers to relevant questions about religion and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

These brief articles are based entirely on Scripture and are intended to answer questions and guide you to a deeper knowledge of topics regarding the gospel of Jesus. Answers to questions about: salvation and forgiveness of sin, the family and marriage, the church and worship of God, creation and evolution, the Godhead, morality, miracles, denominations, Jesus' second coming, and other aspects of Christian teaching. 

These articles are copyrighted but are syndicated so you may use them according to the conditions stipulated at the end of each article. They offer brief, concise comments on Bible topics.
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Note carefully: No teaching anywhere on this web site should ever be construed to justify or to in any way encourage personal vengeance or physical violence or harm against any person.

Studies about the Bible

The Apocrypha & Canon of Scripture
Authority - Importance
Creed Books Written by Men
Direct Revelation & Prophecy Today
Ignorance in Religion 
The Importance of Truth in Religion
The Inspiration of Scripture
Loving the Truth
Majority Rule in Religion?

Number Discrepancies in History
 Sabbath Law: Did Jesus Violate It?
The Silence of Scripture
Are Sincerity and Good Conscience Enough?
Can We Understand the Bible Alike?
You Can Understand the Bible
Why People Misunderstand the Bible
Wisdom: from God or Man?
Studies about Forgiveness of Sins
Are You Sure Your Sins Are Forgiven?
John 3:16 - Faith Only vs. Obedience & Baptism
Paul's Teaching about Baptism - 1 Cor. 1:17
Forgiveness for People under the Old Law
Can We Be Forgiven of Serious Sins?
Hypocrites in the Church
Does God Punish Children for Parents' Sins?
Are You Predestined Among God's Elect?
Are You Born Again as a Child of God?
Saved Like the Thief on the Cross?
Who May Perform Baptisms?
John the Baptist's Baptism
Direct Operation of the Spirit - Calvinism
What Is Saving Faith?
Have You Been "Saved Like Saul"?
Why You Need Jesus
Studies about the Family
The Joys of Motherhood
Proper Goals of Parents 
Hating Relatives & Forsaking Possessions
Husband's Authority in the Home
Schools, Education, and Children's Faith
Spanking & Corporal Punishment
Values Clarification/Humanism in Schools
Young People, Divorce, & Remarriage
Studies about the Church

The Origin of Jesus' Church
Why So Many Different Denominations?
Denominational Division
Church Foundation: Jesus or Apostles?
Does the Church Name Matter?
Existence of Jesus' Church Today
Unity or Division?

How Can You Find Jesus' Church?
Can You Be Saved Outside the Church?
Undenominational Christians Today?
Priests and Priesthood
Elders, Bishops, & Pastors
Criticizing Other Religions
Cleansing the Temple: Unauthorized Work
Studies about Worship

When Should We Have the Lord's Supper?
Must Christians Tithe?

Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath?
Does God Answer Prayer?
Studies about Living as Christians
The Purpose & Meaning of Life
What Does It Mean to Love God?
Are You a Saint?
Christian: What Does It Really Mean?
Duties to Civil Government
Government and Religion
True Greatness by Serving Others
Relations of Races & Nationalities
Peace of Mind in Troubled Times
How Can You Have True Riches?
What Is the Christian's Hope?
Business & Financial Relations
God Helps with Your Troubles
Deny self & Take Up Your Cross
Avoiding Temptation While Befriending Sinners
"Judge Not" & Rebuking Sin
Employer and employee relations
Woman in Adultery & Opposing Sin
Character Counts in Civil Rulers
Attitudes and Overcoming Temptation
Studies about Moral Issues
Living Like Animals
Abortion: Is It Moral?
Homosexuality & Gay Liberation
Gambling: Moral or Immoral?
Lying & Deceit vs. Truth & Honesty
Eating Blood & Blood Transfusions

Speech, Language, & the Tongue
Partial Birth Abortion
Homosexual/Gay Marriage
What Is True Freedom?
Cloning of Human Beings
Wearing Jewelry (Gold, Silver)

Man and His Future
Death: What Is It?
Judgment Day: Are You Ready?
Life after Death?
Man in the Image of God
Reincarnation and the Bible
State of Man between Death & Judgment
Superiority of Man over Animals
When Will Jesus Return?
God, His Power, and His Works
The Existence of God
The Greatness of God
Creation vs. Evolution
Dinosaurs, Creation, & the Flood
Jesus: the Divine Son of God?
Jesus & the Power to Forgive Sins
How Many Individuals Are in God?
What Claims Did Jesus Make?
Is God the Author of Evil?
Consequences of Evolution
Miracles & Supernatural Healing Today?
Tongue-Speaking & the Pentecostal Experience
Holy Spirit Baptism and Water Baptism
Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection
Days of Creation: A Brief Summary
Creation vs. Evolution: Bible summary
Miscellaneous Subjects
Astrology and Horoscopes
Cain's Wife - Where Did He Get Her?
Discussing Religious Differences
Holy Spirit as Earnest/Seal
Jesus as the One Foundation - 1 Cor 3 
Peter the First Pope?
Satisfactory Religion: What Is It?
Speaking to the Dead, Mediums
Transfiguration of Jesus

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