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    1. Bible Studies, Free Religion Online Guides: Gospel Teaching, Lessons
      1. apostles-authority.mp3
      2. Authority of Apostles' Teaching - Free mp3 Audio Recorded Sermon
      3. Bible Inspiration: Infallible, Inerrant, Verbal - Free mp3 Audio Sermon
      4. bible_inspiration-1.mp3
      5. bible_inspiration-2.mp3
      6. Bible Preservation: Transmission/Ancestry/Canon - Free mp3 Audio Sermon
      7. bible_preservation1.mp3
      8. bible_preservation2.mp3
      9. bible-authority-applications.mp3
      10. bible-authority-needed.mp3
      11. Need for Bible Authority - General & Specific: Free mp3 Audio Recording
      12. bible-claims.mp3
      13. Bible Inspiration: How to Examine Validity - Free mp3 Audio Recording
      14. bible-validation-1.mp3
      15. bible-validation-2.mp3
      16. emotions-authority.mp3
      17. Religious Emotions: Should Feelings Be Our Guide? Free mp3 Recording
      18. emotions-worship.mp3
      19. gospel-power.mp3
      20. hearing-importance.mp3
      21. Modernism, Miracles, and Bible Inspiration - Free mp3 Audio Recording
      22. modernism-1.mp3
      23. modernism-2.mp3
      24. Seventh Day Sabbath & the Old Law Today? Free mp3 Audio Recorded Sermon
      25. old_law_today1.mp3
      26. old_law_today2.mp3
      27. old_law_today3.mp3
      28. Tradition: Human or Divine Authority in Religion? Free mp3 Audio Sermon
      29. tradition1.mp3
      30. tradition2.mp3
      1. anger.mp3
      2. avoiding_temptation.mp3
      3. christians.mp3
      4. citizens-government.mp3
      5. discipleship.mp3
      6. everyman-perfect.mp3
      7. fear_of_god.mp3
      8. fellowship-error.mp3
      9. how_change.mp3
      10. laziness-diligence.mp3
      11. nails-hands.mp3
      12. Pharisees: Obedient or Self-Righteous Hypocrites? Free mp3 Audio Sermon
      13. pharisees-1.mp3
      14. pharisees-2.mp3
      15. Rejoice in the Lord: Joy in a Christian's life. Free mp3 Audio Sermon
      16. rejoice-1.mp3
      17. rejoice-2.mp3
      18. responsibility-excuses.mp3
      19. separation_of_religion.mp3
      20. stewardship.mp3
      21. troubles-help.mp3
      22. zeal.mp3
      1. church-importance.mp3
      2. Origin of Jesus' Church|Protestant|Catholic Churches: Free Audio Sermon
      3. church-origin-1.mp3
      4. church-origin-2.mp3
      5. confusion-division.mp3
      6. denominationalism.mp3
      7. Local Church Responsibilities and Participation: Free mp3 Audio Sermon
      8. local-church-involvement-1.mp3
      9. local-church-involvement-2.mp3
      10. rebuking.mp3
      11. satisfactory_religion.mp3
      12. Unity & Division: Bible Teaching about Fellowship-Free mp3 Audio Sermon
      13. unity-division-1.mp3
      14. unity-division-2.mp3
      15. unknown_church.mp3
      1. Children's Liberation|UN Convention on Rights Child|Free Audio Sermon
      2. child_liberation-1.mp3
      3. child_liberation-2.mp3
      4. Evolution vs. Creation in High School Texts: Free MP3 Audio Sermon
      5. evolution-high_school1.mp3
      6. evolution-high_school2.mp3
      7. Marriage that Pleases God - Bible Principles: Free MP3 Audio Sermon
      8. marriage_pleasing_to_god1.mp3
      9. marriage_pleasing_to_god2.mp3
      10. marriage_pleasing_to_god3.mp3
      11. Why Should a Christian Marry a Christian?: Free MP3 Audio Sermon
      12. marry_christian1.mp3
      13. marry_christian2.mp3
      14. Parents Raising Children|Bible Principles: Free mp3 Audio Recording
      15. raising_children-1.mp3
      16. raising_children-2.mp3
      17. raising_children-3.mp3
      18. raising_children-4.mp3
      19. raising_children-5.mp3
      20. raising_children-6.mp3
      21. raising_children-7.mp3
      22. raising_children-8.mp3
      23. sexual_immorality-family.mp3
      1. Creation: Literal Days, Long Ages|History|Symbol? Free Audio MP3 Sermon
      2. creation-days-1.mp3
      3. creation-days-2.mp3
      4. creation-importance.mp3
      5. creation-miracle.mp3
      6. doctrine-baptisms.mp3
      7. esther-providence.mp3
      8. god-faithfulness.mp3
      9. Holy Spirit Nature: Living Being in the Godhead? Free Audio MP3 Sermon
      10. holy_spirit-nature-1.mp3
      11. holy_spirit-nature-2.mp3
      12. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit Today: Free Audio MP3 Recorded Message
      13. indwelling-spirit-1.mp3
      14. indwelling-spirit-2.mp3
      15. jesus_as_creator.mp3
      16. jesus-claims.mp3
      17. jesus-savior.mp3
      18. Resurrection: Evidence Jesus Rose from the Dead - Free Audio MP3 Sermon
      19. resurrection-evidence-1.mp3
      20. resurrection-evidence-2.mp3
      21. resurrection-significance.mp3
      1. Bible Study Audio MP3 Recorded Messages: Free Sermons/Recordings
        1. destiny_of_wicked.mp3
        2. heaven.mp3
        3. jesus-king.mp3
        4. judgment_day.mp3
        5. kingdom_exists.mp3
        6. kingdom=church.mp3
      3. Bible Study Audio MP3 Recorded Messages: Free Sermons/Recordings - Menu 2
      4. Bible Study Audio MP3 Recorded Messages: Free Sermons/Recordings - Menu 3
        1. Abortion: Moral or Immoral? Bible Teaching. Free mp3 Audio Recording
        2. abortion-bible_teaching1.mp3
        3. abortion-bible_teaching2.mp3
        4. abortion-bible_teaching3.mp3
        5. Drug Abuse & Bible Teaching: Intoxication/Addiction - Free Audio Sermon
        6. drug_abuse-1.mp3
        7. drug_abuse-2.mp3
        8. Gambling, Casinos, the Lottery, and the Bible: Free mp3 Audio Sermon
        9. gambling1.mp3
        10. gambling2.mp3
        11. principles_of_morality.mp3
        12. sexual_cohabitation.mp3
        13. Slander, Malicious Gossip, Evil Speech: Free mp3 Audio Recorded Sermon
        14. slander-1.mp3
        15. slander-2.mp3
        16. thieves.mp3
        1. astrology.mp3
        2. buddhism.mp3
        3. hate_sin-love_sinner.mp3
        4. Hinduism, Reincarnation or Christianity & the Bible. Free Audio Sermon
        5. hinduism-1.mp3
        6. hinduism-2.mp3
        7. Humanism:�Unbelief, Materialism, Situation Ethics-Free Audio mp3 Sermon
        8. humanism-1.mp3
        9. humanism-2.mp3
        10. humanism-3.mp3
        11. Islam, Muhammad, Qur�an or Christianity, Jesus, Bible? Free mp3 Sermon
        12. islam-1.mp3
        13. islam-2.mp3
        14. Marxism-Leninism (Communism) and the Bible: Free Audio mp3 sermon
        15. marxism-1.mp3
        16. marxism-2.mp3
        17. marxism-3.mp3
        18. Mary: Her Glory, Authority, Honor, and Power - Free Audio mp3 Sermon
        19. mary-glory-1.mp3
        20. mary-glory-2.mp3
        21. universalists.mp3
        22. watchtower.mp3
        23. Occult, Witchcraft, Wicca, Spiritualism, Psychics-Free Audio mp3 Sermon
        24. witchcraft-1.mp3
        25. witchcraft-2.mp3
        1. baptism-action.mp3
        2. Infant Baptism: Should Babies Be Baptized? Free mp3 Audio Sermon
        3. baptism-babies1.mp3
        4. baptism-babies2.mp3
        5. baptism-purpose.mp3
        6. blood-baptism.mp3
        7. born_again.mp3
        8. confessing_christ.mp3
        9. conversion-treasurer.mp3
        10. faith_only-vs-obedience1.mp3
        11. faith_only-vs-obedience2.mp3
        12. faith_only-vs-obedience3.mp3
        13. Salvation by Faith Only (Alone) vs. Obedience/Works Free Audio Sermon
        14. Eternal Security, Apostasy, Falling from Grace - Free mp3 Audio Sermon
        15. fall-grace1.mp3
        16. fall-grace2.mp3
        17. in_christ.mp3
        18. individual_responsibility.mp3
        19. obedience-importance.mp3
        20. Original Sin, Hereditary (Inherited) Depravity - Free mp3 Audio Sermon
        21. original_sin1.mp3
        22. original_sin2.mp3
        23. repentance.mp3
        24. return_to_the_lord.mp3
        25. ways-jesus.mp3
        1. attendance-growth-faith.mp3
        2. attendance-jesus-example.mp3
        3. attendance-reasons.mp3
        4. First Day of the Week (Sunday) | Seventh-Day Sabbath? Free Audio Sermon
        5. first_day_of_week1.mp3
        6. first_day_of_week2.mp3
        7. Religious Holy Days: Christmas, Easter, Lent - Free mp3 Audio Sermon
        8. holy_days-1.mp3
        9. holy_days-2.mp3
        10. Instrumental Music in Worship: Sing or Play? - Free mp3 Audio Recording
        11. instruments-1.mp3
        12. instruments-2.mp3
        13. instruments-3.mp3
        14. lords_supper-elements.mp3
        15. prayer-contents.mp3
        16. prayer-power.mp3
        17. Worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth - Free mp3 Audio Recorded Sermon
        18. worship_in_spirit.mp3
        19. worship_in_truth.mp3
      1. Authority of Apostle's Teaching, Especially Paul
      2. Divine Authority vs Human Wisdom, Man-made Laws in Religion
      3. Bible Inspiration: Scriptures Infallible, Inerrant, Verbally Inspired?
      4. Bible Preservation: Scripture Transmission, Ancestry, Canon, Criticism
      5. Bible Knowledge: Take a Quiz of Questions & Answers
      6. Can the Average Person Understand Bible Teaching and Be Saved?
      7. Bible Claims: Revelation, Inspiration, Authority, Standard, Guide
      8. Importance & Relevance of Bible Teaching, Christian Spiritual Guidance
      9. Tests and Proofs for Bible Inspiration, Validity, and Divine Origin
      10. Bible or Denominational Creeds: Man-made authority or Divine Standards
      11. Emotions and Feelings: A Reliable Guide in Religion and Worship?
      12. Does Good Ends Justify Means & Methods in Religion?
      13. God's Eternal Purpose and Plan Revealed in Scripture (the Bible)
      14. Authority of Scriptural Examples: Indirect Bible Teaching
      15. Danger of False Teaching and Religious Error vs. Importance of Truth
      16. Noah's Flood (Genesis 6): History, Myth, Symbol, or Legend?
      17. Noah's Flood (Genesis 6): Worldwide or Local event?
      18. Gnostic Gospels, Bible Preservation, and the Canon of Scripture
      19. How to study the Bible: Proper Methods of Studying Scripture
      20. Bible Authority, Inspiration, Preservation: Religious Standards/Creeds
      21. Is One Interpretation of the Bible as Good as Another?
      22. Is Jesus Really Your Lord? The Meaning of Being a True Disciple
      23. Modernism & Miracles: Is the Bible Infallible, Inerrant, & Accurate?
      24. Necessary Inference: Scriptural Reasoning, Logical Conclusions
      25. Seventh Day Sabbath & the Old Testament Law: Keeping Them Today?
      26. The Value of Old Testament Today: Law, Evidence, History?
      27. Causes of Religious Confusion, Division, and Disagreement
      28. Tradition and the Bible: Human or Divine Authority in Religion?
      29. To Whom Do the Teachings of the New Testament Apply?
      1. Duties of Christians, Responsibilities of Disciples after Baptism
      2. Anger, Wrath, Temper Control, & Bible Teaching
      3. Bitterness, brooding, self-pity vs. Wholesome Thoughts, Trusting God
      4. How to Change Yourself: The Bible Plan for Self-improvement
      5. Every Christian Doing His Part to Achieve the Work of the Local Church
      6. Hatred, Love, Hate Speech, Hate Crimes, and Bible Teaching
      7. God Helps Troubles: Bible solutions for Problems, Suffering, Hardships
      8. Discipleship/Living as Christians: Bible Teaching re. attitudes/conduct
      9. Meekness and Humility: God's Cure for Pride, Arrogance and Haughtiness
      10. Have You Been Crucified with Jesus?
      11. New Man: The Gospel of Change - Bible Pattern for Being Changed People
      12. How to Handle Persecution and Opposition for the Cause of Christ
      13. Pharisees: Who Were They and What Were They Really Like?
      14. Voting and Writing Government Rulers: Christian Involvement
      15. Race and Nationality Relations: Racial Strife, Prejudice, and Conflict
      16. Preparation: be ready for Bible study, worship, teaching, and judgment.
      17. Solving Conflict in Human Relationships; Resolving Strife
      18. Serving God Successfully: How God's Power Can Work in Your Life
      19. Spiritual Maturity: Steps to Growing as a Disciple of Christ
      20. Does God Test People Today? Is This Like Satan's Temptations?
      21. Those on Whom the Towers Fell
      22. Trusting God, Faith, and Action/Working: Practical Applications
      1. Importance of Attending Church Meetings for Worship and Bible Study
      2. Unity, Fellowship, Service & Attending Church Meetings
      3. Church Membership and Participation: Essential to Salvation?
      4. The Meaning and Nature of Jesus' Church: Universal & Local
      5. Church Organization & Work-Independence or Centralization/Social Gospel
      6. Origin of Jesus' Church, Protestant Denominations, and Catholicism
      7. Christian Denominations? Does God approve Division or Unity?
      8. God's Man, Faithful Abraham - song lyrics/words
      9. Church that Belongs to Jesus Christ: How to find and identify it
      10. Foot Washing: Should We Wash Feet as Church Worship Ritual?
      11. Giving to Finance Church Work: Collections and Fund Raising
      12. Observing Religious Holy Days: Keeping Christmas, Easter, and Lent
      13. Jesus' Church: Worship, Doctrine, Organization, Work, Unity, Division
      14. Instrumental Music in Worship: Sing or Play Instruments?
      15. leaders-nehemiah.pdf
      16. Importance of Local Church Responsibilities and Participation
      17. When to Have Lord's Supper: Time and Frequency for Communion
      18. Transubstantiation, the Mass, Holy Eucharist: Literal Body and Blood?
      19. What Name or Designation Should Jesus' Church Wear?
      20. Power of Prayer: How Must We Pray So God Will Answer?
      21. Sabbath or First Day of the Week (Sunday): Which Should We Observe?
      22. God's special people must separate, distinct, different from the world
      23. Unique Unequaled Church: Does Jesus Want One Church or Many?
      24. Unity & Division: Bible Teaching about Ecumenical Diversity
    11. Gospel Way E-mail Comment and Contact Page
      1. List of Bible References to Creation
      2. Creation as Miracle: Consequences for Evolution and Genesis as History
      3. Bible Doctrine of Creation: Its Significance and Importance
      4. Bible Creation vs. Evolution: Do They Harmonize? A Summary
      5. Day with Cardinal Number - 2
      6. Day with Ordinal Number - 2
      7. Creation Passages: Word Day with a Cardinal Number
      8. Creation Passages: Word Day with an Ordinal Number
      9. Passages about the Days (plural) of Creation - 2
      10. The Length of the Days (plural) of Creation
      11. Creation: Days or Ages? Literal History or Symbolic Myth?
      12. Creation: Days or Ages? History, Symbol, or Myth?
      13. Days in Creation (Genesis 1): A Summary
      14. Creation Passages: "Evening" with "morning"
      15. Does the Theory of Evolution Harmonize with Bible Creation?
      16. Creation-Evolution (Organic, Theistic): Bible Studies about Origins
      1. Family Reading Booklist-Biblical Reviews of Books for Families/Children
      2. Children's Liberation and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
      3. Parents Raising Godly Children|Key #5: Authority
      4. Parents Raising Godly Children|Key #7: Consistency
      5. Parents Raising Godly Children|Key #4: Instruction
      6. Parents Raising Godly Children|Key #3: Love
      7. Parents Raising Godly Children|Key #6: Motivation
      8. Parents Raising Godly Children|Key #2: Planning
      9. Parents Raising Godly Children|Key #1: Purpose
      10. Divorce, Remarriage: Who May Remarry according to the Bible?
      11. Family, Home, Marriage Relations & the Bible: Husband, Wife, Parents
      12. Fatherhood: Challenges Caused by Society Confusion and Absent Fathers
      13. Marriage, Family & Home: Husbands, Wives, Parents, Children & the Bible
      14. Leave & Cleave: Married Children Form Independent Families from Parents
      15. Bible Plan to Solve Marriage Conflict, Resolve Family Strife
      16. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Bible Principles
      17. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Parents Raising Children
      18. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Friends, In-laws, Relatives
      19. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Love & Affection vs. Selfishness
      20. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Maturity, Knowing One Another
      21. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Lifetime Commitment vs. Divorce
      22. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Purpose & Reasons to Marry
      23. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Importance of Religion
      24. Marriage Preparation/Improvement: Responsibility, Honesty, Self-Control
      25. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Roles, Authority, Income
      26. Marriage Preparation & Improvement: Sexual Purity
      27. Parents Raising Children|Bible Principles of Family Training|Parenting
      1. Deity of Jesus: God in the Flesh, Eternal Creator, or Created Being?
      2. Deity of Jesus: Does Christ Possess Unique Characteristics of God?
      3. Deity of Jesus: Does Jesus Wear the Unique Names of God?
      4. Deity of Jesus: Scriptures Call Christ God in the Flesh
      5. Deity of Jesus: Christ Does the Unique Works of God
      6. Deity of Jesus: Jesus Deserves Worship and Glory as God
      7. Gospel Water Baptism & John's Baptism Compared to Holy Spirit Baptism
      8. Bible Evidence for God, Jesus and the Bible: Christian Apologetics
      9. Creation as Evidence for God, Jesus and the Bible
      10. Bible Evidence for God, Jesus and the Bible: Apologetics Introduction
      11. Claims of Jesus and the Father as Testimony: Christian Apologetics
      12. Testimony of John the Baptist as Evidence for Jesus' Claims
      13. Miracles as Evidence for God, Jesus and the Bible
      14. Fufilled Prophecy as Evidence for God, Jesus and the Bible
      15. Resurrection of Christ as Evidence for God, Jesus and the Bible
      16. God Is the All-Powerful, Almighty, Omnipotent Creator and Ruler
      17. Gospel of Health & Wealth: Miracles Promise Healing & Prosperity?
      18. Holy Spirit: Miracles, Tongues, Prophecy, Spiritual Gifts, Indwelling
      19. Is the Holy Spirit a Living Spirit Being in the Godhead?
      20. God and Deity: Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit
      21. The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Christians Today
      22. Claims of Jesus Christ: Deity, Son of God, Eternal Savior, Creator?
      23. Jesus Christ as Savior: Our Need for Salvation by His Crucifixion
      24. Story of Jesus Christ: His Birth, Life, Death, and Resurrection
      25. Miracles & Spiritual Gifts: Tongues, Prophecy, Holy Spirit Baptism
      26. Duration of Spiritual Gifts: Do Miracles Occur or Have They Ceased?
      27. Imparting Spiritual Gifts: How People Obained Miraculous Powers
      28. Nature of Bible Miracles: Tongues, Healings, Prophecy, and Revelation
      29. Purpose of Miracles, Prophecy, and Spiritual Gifts of the Holy Spirit
      30. One or Three Beings/Persons in God/Godhead: Jesus Only or Trinity?
      31. Providence of God: Preservation, Care, and Government in Human Affairs
      32. Evidence for the Resurrection: Did Jesus Rise Again from the Dead?
      33. Signficance of Jesus' Resurrection: Evidence, Destinies, & Salvation
      34. Saul's Conversion as Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection from the Dead
      35. Why Believe in God, Jesus and the Bible? Christian Evidences
      1. Founding Fathers and Respect for God, the Bible, & Religious Freedom
      2. Founding Fathers Quotations: In God We Trust
      3. The Christian's Duty to Civil Government & Rulers: Bible Studies
      4. Email List about Government, Morality, Family, Religious Freedom, Bible
      5. Importance of Voting in Elections: Bible Teaching, Founding Fathers
      6. Voting: Godly Choices in Electing Government Officials and Rulers
      7. George Washington, the Bible, Respect for God, and Religious Freedom
      8. George Washington�s Thanksgiving Proclamation
      1. Free Bible Study Articles about Religion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ
      2. Bible Instruction-Teaching of Religion, Doctrine, Theology Christianity
      1. Ashamed to Repent but Unashamed to Sin
      2. Astronauts and Faith in the Bible and the Existence of God
      3. The Boy or Cap: Focus on Proper Priorities & Appreciate Your Blessings
      4. Counting the Cost of Discipleship & Conversion
      5. Importance of Listening to the Gospel: He Who Has Ears, Let Him Hear
      6. Lessons from a Family History: Influence and Individual Responsibility
      7. Gospel Invitations; Talks for Lord's Supper and Collection
      8. Judgment seats: Eternal rewards from Jesus Christ
      9. What Kind of Church Does God Want?
      10. Causes of Mass Shootings: Changes in faith and morality and values
      11. Lessons about Moral Decline from the Faith of Abraham
      12. Why Would a Good, Wise God Make Mosquitos?
      13. Only If You Dig - Human Effort in Salvation
      14. Religious Persecution, Media Bias, Richard Dawkins, Creation, Evolution
      15. Pride goes before a fall: danger of over-emphasis on physical beauty
      16. "Prove Yourself a Man" - What Does Manhood Really Mean?
      17. Lessons from Sergius Paulus - Bible Inspiration
      18. Snowflakes: Bible Lessons from Snow
      19. George Washington's Farewell Speech: God, Religion, and Morality
      20. Work Hard, Work Smart (Wisely), Work Together (Unity, Cooperation)
      1. Mankind: Our Nature, Future, Purpose, Origin, and Eternal Destiny
      2. Does God Have a Special Place for Israel in the Millennium?
      3. Jesus' Death & the Gospel|Prophesied & Predicted or Unexpected Changes?
      4. Does Jesus Reign as King and High Priest Now or in the Millennium?
      5. Judgment Day: Universal, Individual, Inescapable, Thorough, Final
      6. Does the Kingdom of Christ Exist Now or in the Millennium?
      7. Is the Church Jesus' Kingdom or an Unplanned Substitute?
      8. Jesus' Kingdom: Political, Material, & Civil or Spiritual in Nature?
      9. Life After Death: Resurrection and Judgment, Heaven and Hell?
      10. Meaning of Life: Human Origin, Purpose, and Destiny
      11. Premillennialism, the Thousand-Year Kingdom, & Jesus' Millennium Reign
      12. Premillennialism, Jesus' Second Coming & Thousand-Year Kingdom Reign
      13. Reincarnation, Karma, & Nirvana: Eastern Religions & Man's Destiny
      14. Satan - What Is the Devil Like? Tempter and Spiritual Enemy?
      15. Jesus' Second Coming: Resurrection, Judgment, and Eternal Rewards
      1. Abortion and the Bible: Pro-Life (Right to Life), Pro-Choice
      2. Alcoholic Beverages, Social Drinking, the Bible, Intoxication, Sobriety
      3. Drug Abuse and the Bible: Intoxication, Addiction, Sobriety
      4. Gambling: Moral or Immoral? Lotteries, Casinos and the Bible
      5. Same-sex Marriage, Homosexual, Gay, and Lesbian Unions
      6. Homosexuality, Gay Liberation|Immoral or Alternate Lifestyle?
      7. Morality and Ethics: Bible Answers about Morals & Ethical Questions
      8. Speech, Language, & the Tongue: Cursing, Profanity, Obscenity, Swearing
      9. Lying and Deceit: Bible Teaching about dishonesty and falsehood
      10. Morality & Immorality: Bible Principles & Guidelines for Right & Wrong
      11. Living Together Without Marriage: Sexual Cohabitation & the Bible
      12. Sexual Morality, the Family, the Bible, and Christians
      13. Slander, Gossip, and Evil Speech Against Others
      14. Suicide and the Bible: Euthanasia, Mercy-Killing, Assisted Suicide
      15. Thieves and the Bible: Stealing, Robbery, Shoplifting, Theft
      1. Animal Liberation & Rights: Bible, PETA, & Ethical Animal Treatment
      2. Astrology, Horoscopes, Signs of the Zodiac, and the Bible
      3. Buddhism and Christianity: Buddhist Teaching or the Bible?
      4. Catholicism and Scripture: the Roman Catholic Church and the Bible
      5. Pagan Goddess Worship, Gnosticism, Feminism, and the Da Vinci Code
      6. Gnosticism and the Canon of the Bible: The Da Vinci Code
      7. Deity and Divine Nature of Jesus Christ: The Da Vinci Code
      8. Pagan Goddess Worship, Sacred Prostitution, and the Da Vinci Code
      9. Mary Magdalene, Jesus' Marriage, and Children: The Da Vinci Code
      10. Women Preachers, Church Leaders, and Feminism: The Da Vinci Code
      11. Hinduism and Christianity: Hindu Teaching or the Bible?
      12. Humanism: Unbelief, Materialism, Situation Ethics, & Immorality
      13. World Religions: Religious Faiths|Denominations|Occult|Cults & Bible
      14. Islam, Muhammad, & Muslim Qur'an compared to Christianity Jesus' gospel
      15. Judaism or Christianity? Law of Moses or Gospel of Jesus?
      16. Marxism, Leninism, Communism, Socialism, or the Bible & Christianity
      17. Mary's Role and Power in Redemption & Prayer: A Sinless Virgin?
      18. Mormonism, Latter Day Saints Church, Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon
      19. Mormon Revelations: Book of Mormon & Joseph Smith Compared to the Bible
      20. Mormonism, Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon & Bible Prophecies
      21. Mormonism: Bible Tests of Prophets, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon
      22. Pope, Peter, and the Bible: Papacy, Father, Supreme Pontiff, Vicar?
      23. Psychology, Guilt, Moral Resonsibility, Sin, Forgiveness, and the Bible
      24. Transcendental Meditation (TM): Mental Relaxation or Hindu Religion?
      25. Jehovah's Witnesses: Authority of the Watchtower Society or the Bible
      26. Jehovah's Witnesses: Watchtower Teaching on Baptism & Cleansing of Sin
      27. Bible and Occult: Witchcraft, Wicca, Spiritualism, Psychics, Sorcery
      1. Bible Study Topical Booklets, Material, Literature|Pratte Publications
      2. Bible Study Commentaries, Class Books, Workbooks, Topical Studies
      3. Bible Study Printed Charts: Pratte Publications | Light to My Path
      4. Home Bible Study Materials: Pratte Publications | Light to My Path
      5. Bible Study Literature, Publications, Printed Materials/Class Workbooks
      6. Bible Study Literature Order Form: Pratte Publications|Light to My Path
      7. Returns policy: Light to My Path and Pratte Publications
      8. Bible Study Special Materials: Pratte Publications | Light to My Path
      9. Bible Study Printed Tracts: Pratte Publications | Light to My Path
      10. Bible Study Workbooks for Class or Personal Study: Pratte Publications
      1. Action (Mode) of Bible Baptism: Sprinkling, Pouring, or Immersion?
      2. Purpose of Baptism: Essential Condition or Outward Sign of Salvation?
      3. Baptism for the Dead: Mormonism and 1 Corinthians 15:29
      4. Baptism: In the Name of Jesus Only or Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
      5. How to Benefit from Jesus' Blood/Death/Crucifixion
      6. New Birth: Are You Really a "Born Again Christian?"
      7. Calvinism: Inherited Depravity, Predestination, Perseverance, Grace
      8. Confession of Christ: A Condition Necessary to Salvation from Sin
      9. Conversion of Cornelius' Household: Faith, Baptism, & Holy Spirit
      10. Eternal security, Apostasy, Perseverance, Falling from Grace
      11. Salvation by Faith: What (Content) Must We Believe?
      12. Godly Sorrow, Worldly Sorrow, True Repentance, and Salvation from Sin
      13. Grace of God: Mercy, Works, Law, Obedience, & Salvation in the Bible
      14. Imputation of Jesus' Life of Sinless Perfection and Righteousness
      15. Why Should We Be in Christ and How Do We Come Into Jesus?
      16. Salvation, Forgiveness of Sin|Death & Gospel of Jesus Christ|the Bible
      17. Individual Responsibility and Free Moral Agency in Salvation
      18. Infant Baptism and the Bible: Should Babies Be Baptized?
      19. Will All Religious, Devout Moral People Be Saved?
      20. Why We Need Salvation and Forgiveness of Sins by Jesus' Blood
      21. Is Obedience Essential? Must We Obey Jesus to Be Forgiven?
      22. Original Sin, Hereditary (Inherited) Depravity, Free Agency
      23. Should Alien Sinners Pray for Salvation/Forgiveness of Sins?
      24. Unconditional Election & Predestination vs. Free Moral Agency
      25. Repentance: A Bible Condition Necessary to Salvation from Sin
      26. Salvation by Faith Only (Alone) vs. Obedience/Works/Baptism
      27. How Can You Be Sure Jesus Has Forgiven Your Sins?
      28. Does the Thief on the Cross Prove Baptism is Not Essential?
      29. Things Essential to Salvation: Grace, Faith, Works, Baptism?
      30. How Many Ways to Salvation through Jesus? Just One Way or Many?
      31. What Sin Has Done for You: Consequences and Punishment Sin Causes
    23. Site Map: Online Courses and Materials on Bible Study Lessons web site
    24. Gospel Way Site Map|Bible Resources & Answers to Questions
      1. Baptism and the Lord's Supper: Physical Acts with Spiritual Meaning
      2. Jesus Death and the Promise to Abraham of a Blessing on All Nations
      3. Blood that Speaks Better Than That of Abel - Lessons about Jesus' Death
      4. Breaking Bread: a Term for the Lord's Supper
      5. Jesus' Death: The Cross Is Power that Draws People to Christ
      6. The Cup in the Lord's Supper-Container or Contents (Fruit of the Vine)?
      7. God the Father as an Example of Giving Generously in Love for Our Good.
      8. Giving with a Willing Mind: Not Reluctantly or Grudgingly
      9. Giving according to Ability - Church Collections
      10. Giving and Church Contribution: More Blessed to Give Than to Receive
      11. Giving should be part of daily life, not just on Sunday
      12. Giving and Fellowship (Sharing) - Church Collections
      13. Giving & First Day of the Week: When Should the Church Take Collection?
      14. Good Works and Giving to Support the Work of the Local Church
      15. Giving Liberally & Generously to the Church Collection
      16. Giving: An Expression of Love (Church Financial Collections)
      17. Giving as We Purpose: Planning a Personal Choice / Decision
      18. Giving Regularly to Church Work: Each First Day of the Week
      19. Giving as a Sacrifice to Church Work: Collection and Contribution
      20. Giving: Sowing & Reaping Sparingly & Bountifully-Generous Contribution
      21. Giving and Stewardship: Church Collections
      22. Jesus: The Perfect High Priest - Lessons for the Lord's Supper
      23. Jesus' Innocence: The Evidence & Importance that Jesus Was Without Sin.
      24. Importance of Jesus' Blood in the Lord's Supper Memorial
      25. Importance of Jesus' Body in the Lord's Supper
      26. The Lord's Supper: a Communion or Fellowship with Christ and Believers
      27. The Lord's Supper and Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus' Death
      28. Lord's Supper - Meaning and Lessons about the Term
      29. Lord's Supper - A universal memorial of Jesus' death
      30. Lord's Table - Meaning and Lessons about Fellowship
      31. Lord's Supper: Significance/Meaning of Remembering
      32. The Passover and Symbolic Memorial Language of the Lord's Supper
      33. Sharing Our Wealth: Principles of Proper Use of Possessions
      34. The Good Shepherd Teaches Important Lessons about the Lord's Supper
      35. Unleavened Bread: Why Should We Use It in the Lord's Supper?
      1. Discipline/Chastisement of Church Members Who Sin
      2. Principles of Counseling: Bible or Psychology and Psychiatry?
      3. Involvement and Participation in Teaching the Bible
      4. Opposing Sin and Religious Error: Judge Not vs. Rebuke Evil
      5. Women Church Leadership|May a Woman Preach or Have Authority?
      6. Women Church Leadership: Preachers, Bishops, Pastors|Woman Authority?
      1. Is All Religion Acceptable? Can We Be Religious and Still Wrong?
      2. Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical Books: Scripture and Bible Canon
      3. Importance of Authority in Religion: Bible or Human Laws?
      4. In Religion Does What We Believe Matter as Long as We Are Sincere?
      5. Bible: Reasons Why People Misunderstand God's Word
      6. Bible Preservation: Scripture Transmission, Ancestry, Accuracy
      7. Can You Understand the Bible? Must You Accept Trained Interpreters?
      8. Cain's Wife and Population Growth in Early Bible History
      9. Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath under the Gospel?
      10. Conscience and Sincerity as Guides in Religion
      11. Man-made Creeds vs.the Bible: What Standard Should We Follow?
      12. Direct Revelation, Prophecy, & Holy Spirit Guidance or the Bible
      13. Family Religion: Should we follow our parents religion or the Bible?
      14. Feelings or the Bible: True Assurance of Salvation
      15. How Will People under the Old Law of Moses be Forgiven of Sin?
      16. Understanding the Bible by Proper Principles of Study
      17. Spiritual Ignorance, Misunderstanding, Disagreement, and Error
      18. The Importance of Bible Study: Are We Diligent Bible students?
      19. Bible Inspiration: Infallible, Inerrant, Verbally Inspired?
      20. Did Jesus Violate or Respect God's Sabbath Day Law? - Matthew 12
      21. How Much Should We Love the Truth and Obey It?
      22. Majority Rule, Following the Crowd, Opinion Polls, & Religious Truth
      23. Are You Narrow-Minded or Broad-Minded in Religion?
      24. Number Discrepancies, Alleged Contradictions, & Bible Inspiration
      25. Bible Authority and the Silence of Scripture: When God Does Not Speak
      26. Jesus' Transfiguration: The Father's Testimony about Jesus
      27. Importance of Truth and the Danger of Error in Religion
      28. Can We Understand the Bible Alike? Does Truth Contradict Itself?
      29. The Bible: Verbally, Inerrantly, and Infallibly Inspired by God
      30. What is the Source of True Wisdom: God or Man?
      1. Business Relations: Employers, Employees, Honest Financial Conduct
      2. Character Matters in Civil Government & Rulers
      3. What Is a Real Christian? What does the word mean?
      4. Civil Government: Obeying Laws, Paying Taxes, Prayer for Rulers
      5. Count Your Blessings: Appreciating God's Gifts
      6. How to Deny Self, Take Up Your Cross, and Give Your Life for Jesus
      7. Employers, Employees, Business Relations: Financial Conduct
      8. Christians Involvement in Political Issues: Church and State
      9. Hope of Eternal Life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ
      10. True Joy: How Can We Rejoice by Serving God According to the Bible?
      11. Whom Should We Love & What Does It Mean to Love According to the Bible?
      12. Loving God: Do We Just Say It or Must We Obey God's Commands?
      13. Peace of Mind despite Troubles, Worries, and Anxiety
      14. The Purpose and Meaning of Life: What Is the Goal of Existence?
      15. Race and Nationality Relations: Solving Racial Prejudice
      16. Renewing Your Mind: Proper Attitudes in Successfully Serving God
      17. What Is a Saint, and Who Can Become One? Do We Pray to Saints?
      18. Does True Greatness Come by Wealth, Power, Popularity, Fame or Service?
      19. Six Bible Principles for Overcoming Temptation and Improving Yourself
      20. God Helps Your Troubles|Enduring Problems, Suffering, Hardship
      21. True Riches: Material Wealth on Earth or Treasure in Heaven?
      1. Does God Answer Prayer? The Power of Prayer
      2. The Existence of Jesus' Church: The Seed of the Kingdom
      3. The Name of Jesus' Church: How Important Are Names to God?
      4. Origin of the Church of Jesus Christ: When and Where Did It Begin?
      5. Cleansing the Temple: Unauthorized Activities in Jesus' Church
      6. So Many Denominations: Are They Jesus' Church or Apostasy?
      7. Denominations, Division, and Jesus' Plan for Unity
      8. Is Division Ever Justifiable? Are All Groups Wrong?
      9. Elder, Bishop, Pastor: Three Different Offices or the Same Office?
      10. How Can You Find the Church that Belongs to Jesus Christ?
      11. The Foundation of the Church: Jesus or the Apostles?
      12. The Proper Day, Time, and Frequency for the Lord's Supper/Communion
      13. Is Your Priesthood Acceptable to God? Who Should Serve as Priests?
      14. Church Membership: Is It Essential to Salvation?
      15. Tithing: Giving a Tenth (Ten Percent - a Tithe) to the Church
      16. Can We Be Christians Without Joining Any Denomination?
      17. Unity or Division: Should We Follow God's Plan or Human Plans?
      1. Marriage, Divorce, Young People, and the Bible Teaching
      2. Hating Relatives and Forsaking Possessions: Jesus and Counting the Cost
      3. The Husband's Authority in the Home: Loving and Cherishing Like Jesus
      4. Marriage Definition, Sexual Morality, and Bible Truth
      5. Motherhood: Joys, Blessings, Rewards according to the Bible
      6. Planned Parenthood and Public School Sex Education
      7. Goal of Parenting: What Purpose Should Parents Pursue?
      8. Public Schools, Education, Humanism, and Children's Faith
      9. Sex Education in Public Schools: SEICUS or Bible morality?
      10. Spanking & Corporal Punishment: Unloving or a Duty of Loving Parents?
      11. Values Clarification/Humanism in Public Schools, Education
      12. Feminism, Women's Liberation, freedom for women, and the Bible
      1. Holy Spirit Baptism Compared to the Baptism of the Great Commission
      2. Creation vs. Evolution | Origin of Man & Animals
      3. Probability of Creation not Evolution | Origin of Life
      4. Dinosaurs: Problem for Creation & the Flood, Proof of Evolution?
      5. Does the Theory of Evolution Harmonize with Bible Creation?
      6. Gift of the Holy Spirit: Is It Holy Spirit Baptism?
      7. Does God Exist? How Do You Explain the Universe?
      8. Does God cause evil? Alleged Bible contradictions and discrepancies
      9. Greatness of God: Power, Wisdom, Love, Goodness
      10. How Many Individual Beings or Persons Are in God/Godhead?
      11. Claims of Jesus Christ: Deity, Son of God, Eternal Savior
      12. Was Jesus the Divine Son of God? What evidence do we have?
      13. Jesus and the Power of God to Forgive Sins - Mark 2:1-12
      14. Does the Holy Spirit Still Do Miracles and Supernatural Healing Today?
      15. Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection: Eyewitness Testimony & Empty Tomb
      16. Tongue-Speaking & Spiritual Gifts|Pentecostal Experience in Acts 2
      1. Answers to Bible Questions: Free Articles & Study Topics|Syndicated-pg1
        1. Animals and Humans: Dominance, Superiority, and Value of People
        2. Destiny of the Righteous: Eternal Life in Heaven or on a Renewed Earth?
        3. Examine Yourself: Are You Ready for the Judgment Day?
        4. Judgment Day: Resurrection, Eternal Rewards, Heaven and Hell
        5. Life After Death: Judgment, Heaven and Hell
        6. Man: The Image or Likeness of God (Compared to Evolution)
        7. Modern Israel, the Millennium, and Jesus' Second Coming
        8. Reincarnation, Life after Death, and the Bible
        9. Jesus' Second Coming: Setting Dates & Predicting Time of His Return
        10. The State of the Dead between Death and Judgment
        11. What Is Death? Life, Spirit, Body
        12. Will Sinners Be Punished after Death? Truth about Destiny of the Wicked
      3. Answers to Bible Questions: Free Articles & Study Topics|Syndicated-pg2
      4. Answers to Bible Questions: Free Articles & Study Topics|Syndicated-pg3
      5. Answers to Bible Questions: Free Articles & Study Topics|Syndicated-pg4
        1. Abortion, the Bible, and Morality: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?
        2. Partial Birth Abortion: Innocent Blood and Bible Teaching
        3. Animal Morality: Evolution, Situation Ethics, Entertainment, Education
        4. Blood Eating & Transfusions; Are These Forbidden or Permitted?
        5. Cloning of Human Beings: What Bible Principles Are Involved?
        6. Cohabitation: Living Together without Marriage and Bible Teaching
        7. Drinking Alcoholic Beverages: Does the Bible Justify It?
        8. Gambling: Moral or Immoral? What Does the Bible Say?
        9. Homosexual Marriage: Does the Bible Permit Gays and Lesbians to Marry?
        10. Homosexuality and the Bible: Immoral or Alternate Lifestyle?
        11. Speech, Language, & Tongue: Cursing, Profanity, Obscenity, the Bible
        12. Lying and Deceit vs. Truth and Honesty: What Does the Bible Teach?
        13. Slander and Evil Speech: Gossip and Talebearing - Truth and Motives
        14. Thieves, Stealing, Robbery, Shoplifting, Theft and the Bible
        15. Jewelry: May Christians Wear Gold, Silver, or Other Ornaments?
        1. Astrology, Stars, the Zodiac, Horoscopes, and the Bible
        2. Should We Pray and Bow Before Images of Mary the Mother of Jesus?
        3. Mormonism, Joseph Smith, revelation, prophecy, contradictions
        4. Was Peter the First Pope, Supreme Pontiff, and Vicar of Christ?
        5. Consulting Mediums, Spiritists, Necromancy and Speaking to the Dead
        1. Baptism of John the Baptist: Is It Valid Today?
        2. Paul's Teaching about Baptism and Salvation - 1 Corinthians 1:17
        3. Who Is Qualified to Perform Baptisms? Does It Matter?
        4. Earnest / Seal of Holy Spirit: Assurance of Salvation, Eternal Security
        5. Election & Predestination: Are You Chosen by God to Eternal Salvation?
        6. True Freedom: Rebellion from Restraint or Respect for Divine Law?
        7. The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Good News about Your Eternal Destiny
        8. How many people will be saved: everyone, most, or a few?
        9. Hypocrites in the Church: So Should We Avoid Church?
        10. Why Should We Be in Christ? How Do We Come Into Jesus?
        11. Do Babies Inherit Guilt of Adam's Sin? Original Sin and Depravity
        12. John 3:16 and Faith Only (Alone) vs. Obedience/Works/Baptism
        13. Direct Operation of Holy Spirit & the Natural Man - 1 Cor. 2:14
        14. Why do you need Jesus Christ in your life? Do you know?
        15. The New Birth: Have You Been Born Again as a Child of God?
        16. How Important Is Obedience? Necessary to Salvation?
        17. Does God Punish Children for Parents' Sins? Do We Inherit Adam's Guilt?
        18. Should You Obey Now Or Postpone Obedience? Danger of Procrastination
        19. Should an Alien Sinner Pray for Salvation/Forgiveness of Sins?
        20. Is Your Religion Satisfactory? Are You Satisfied?
        21. Saved by Grace: Universal, Limited, Conditional, or Unconditional?
        22. Was Saul Saved at the Point of Faith, Prayer, or Baptism?
        23. What Is Saving Faith? Conviction? Trust? Obedience?
        24. Serious Sin: Will Jesus Forgive and Save Us from Terrible Evils?
        25. Are You Sure Jesus Has Forgiven Your Sins?
        26. What Must One Do to Be Saved? Conditions & Examples of Salvation
        27. Are There Any Good Reasons Why You Should Not Serve God?
        1. Building on Jesus' Foundation: 1 Corinthians 3, Eternal Security
        2. Should We Criticize Other Religions? Rebuking Sin and Error
        3. Should We Discuss Religious Differences? Is Debating Always Wrong?
        4. How to Avoid Temptation Yet Be a Friend to Sinners
        5. Judge Not: Should we Oppose and Rebuke Sin and Religious Error?
        6. Preach the Gospel but Let Other People Alone - What Does the Bible Say?
        7. Preacher's Honorary Titles: Reverend, Pastor, Father
        8. Wages for gospel preachers: Adequate support or wealth?
        9. The Woman in Adultery (John 8) and Rebuking and Opposing Sin
        10. Women Preachers: May Women Preach or Have Church Authority?
    33. Form for Subscribing to Bible study newsletters: Gospel Way Update, government, publications
    34. A Bible Reference Guide for Scripture Topics and Verses
    35. A Bible Reference Guide for Scripture Topics and Verses
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